Preston Iaido Club

Welcome to the Hoku Mon Dojo

The Preston based Club is a member of the British branch of Roshukai, a Japanese school headed by Iwata Norikazu sensei.

'Iaido' often described as 'The way of drawing the sword' is more accurately translated as 'Path of mental presence and immediate reaction'. Or, to be always ready for any eventuality.

Typical of the Japanese fighting arts Iaido also embodies the culture and philosophy of the samurai code of Bushido.

Although Iaido is not the same as Kendo or Kenjutsu, they are related sword skills. Kenjutsu, is more battle ready sword fighting, with the sword drawn facing an enemy. Kendo, now more a sport was a safer way of combat training, without boken or live blades.

Iaido, is more of an every day 'Situational Self defence' system. To be always ready for any eventuality. Sitting having a drink, or watching a show with friends (or enemies), walking down the street, or perhaps you are planning a surprise attack of your own. So until the moment of action the sword is kept sheathed.

The way of Iaido was to stay alive and if required, to kill quickly on the draw.

Our school is basically composed of 65 kata in three sections:

  • Omori Ryu
    In which most of the forms are executed from the seiza kneeling position.
  • Eishin Ryu
    Executed from the tate-hize kneeling position.
  • Okuiai
    Or secret level in which the forms are both seated and standing, including some two-man boken forms 'Tachi uchi no kurai'

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